The Ballina Lasses

I've been trying to learn to play a C#D accordion and was reminded of this tune while playing through a few books as a way of telling my fingers that there's more than one melody in the world.  The box playing may be a sort of insurance against tooth loss which would make the flute sound a bit gummy; cleaning and flossing might be an easier approach.

This tune is in the book 'Trip to Sligo' under the title 'Come up in the room I want you'.  I played it (on the flute) into the machine and was given the title I've used here.  The person in the 'up in the room' name may even have been addressing the Ballina Lasses at the time of utterance.  I don't know what Tunepal will think it's called if I try playing it on the squeezebox.

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  • Keith Thornbury

    Hi Michael. Its great to hear you in such good form. I wish you could have done this all those years ago when I was struggling to learn the flute. All those young people today…never had it so good…don’t know how lucky they are….and do they care…ungrateful little….s’OK Nurse I’ll take it now…..

    Feb 13, 2012 at 10:56 pm