Galway Bay

galwaybay.jpg Here's a popular hornpipe named after a bay named after a popular city.

It's usually in G minor but I've played it here in A minor which is a bit more flutish.

There's a fairly new sewerage treatment plant in Galway Bay. I don't know whether hornpipes were used in its construction or not.

The Scholar


Here's a very common reel which is sometimes called "The Poor Scholar".

Regarding scholarly matters, I have exams next week and the week after. I'm supposed to be studying for them but have been spending too much time footering with this site. I picked a fine time to find a new hobby. At least if I flunk them (that word seems to look ruder than it sounds) I'll still have a place where I can complain about it ad nauseum. (I've just discovered how to do italics). I'll try to do us all a favour and leave my flunking aside. Enough asides.

Good night.

The Mountain Top (normal speed)

Here's the Mountain Top reel again, this time at normal speed.

The Blackhaired Lass / Trim the Velvet

The Blackhaired Lass (name a bit unsure - aren't they all?) / Trim the Velvet

An Rógaire Dubh / The Maho Snaps

An Rógaire Dubh (The Black Rogue) and The Maho Snaps

Kenndy’s Favourite / The Woman of The House

Here's Kennedy's Favourite and the Woman of the House. Best listen to a recording of Denis Murphy or Padraig O'Keefe at these to get them right. They're easy enough extracted from a flute.

port gan ainm / Kitty’s Rambles

Can't remember these too well but they might be some use to someone out there.

3 Irish reels

3 traditional Irish flute tunes (The Lady on the Island / The Copperplate ? Paddy Fahy's)  I haven't got the hang of the technology yet (and arguably not of the flute either).  Subsequent entries will be put on with a bit more care.


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