The House on the Hill / The Ashplant (reels)

The first tune is the House on the Hill. I think I've heard it called Miss Thornton's as well. I Think I first got it from a recording of Packie Duignan from Roscommon. My mis-spent late youth has probably corrupted my version of it since then. The second tune is called the Ashplant (I think). I know very little about this tune apart from approximately haw it goes (or how to spell "how" it would appear.

Paddy Carty’s / The Midsummer Night

The first one is an E minor version of a tune Paddy Carty played in D minor. The second one might be called by the name I've given it. On the other hand ...

The Humours og Drinagh / The Castlebar Jig

Humours of Drinagh (slowed down)

Here's the jig The Humours of Drinagh, slowed down to make it easier to learn.

The Mountain Top (normal speed)

Here's the Mountain Top reel again, this time at normal speed.

The Mountain Top (slow version)

Here's the Mountain Top Reel.  I've slowed it down in case this helps people learn it.

Contentment is wealth / Tom Billy’s Jig

Here are 2 jigs - Contentment is wealth and Tom Billy's. The second part of the first one often varies. I've taken a sort of average.

The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen

The Liffey Banks and the Shaskeen (not sure whether the first one is usually played double or single - perhaps I should get out more and I might know - In fact I'll go out right now.)

The Blackhaired Lass / Trim the Velvet

The Blackhaired Lass (name a bit unsure - aren't they all?) / Trim the Velvet

An Rógaire Dubh / The Maho Snaps

An Rógaire Dubh (The Black Rogue) and The Maho Snaps

Kenndy’s Favourite / The Woman of The House

Here's Kennedy's Favourite and the Woman of the House. Best listen to a recording of Denis Murphy or Padraig O'Keefe at these to get them right. They're easy enough extracted from a flute.

Three more Reels

These are Corney is Coming / The Humours of Scarriff (in G - more humane for flute players' hands) and the Cocktail Reel (a relation of the Dublin Reel but further north west)

port gan ainm / Kitty’s Rambles

Can't remember these too well but they might be some use to someone out there.

3 Irish reels

3 traditional Irish flute tunes (The Lady on the Island / The Copperplate ? Paddy Fahy's)  I haven't got the hang of the technology yet (and arguably not of the flute either).  Subsequent entries will be put on with a bit more care.


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