Johnny “Watt” Henry’s (Níl sé Gan Ainm níos mó)

Thanks for the name, Harry. I'm glad it wasn't Nelly.

I've been trying to be organised by recording tunes in advance and then posting them over athe subsequent days. This is OK when I have names for them but I've labelled this mp3 file as "ganainm17-18" and I can't really remember what it is. I suspect that it is a reel from which appears on pages 17 - 18 of the book "A Trip To Sligo". If I'm right then it's a good flute reel and the Trip to Sligo version comes from the playing of Colm O'Donnell (although I have neither access to the book or to a sound source to check). On the other hand it might just be Danny Boy or Nelly the Elephant. That mightn't be so bad either as I'm probably posting too many reels anyway.

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