The Lads of Laois (reel)

I'm a bit behind on recording tunes at the moment.  I'm even behind with being behind with things.  I think that's what's behind the delays.

Anyway.  I was asked for "The Lads of Laois", so here it is / they are, unleashed.  I think I was asked for a nice version.  I never really had a nice version so I had to record a nasty one.

I listened back to the start of this recording through my computer's speakers and it sounded as if the tune was being played underwater on a trombone but maybe once it has been hung out on the web for a while it'll dry out a bit.  I'll record the other tunes on my list once I find the list.


Higgins’ Hornpipe

I've just been asked to play this tune so here it is.  I'm not too sure how reliable this version is but it is maybe a bit closer to the version common in Ireland than the version on another website near you.  I think it mightn't originally be an Irish tune so maybe the funny version is the normal version where the funny version comes from and the normal version is maybe ... etc.

This is also known as "The Cliff Hornpipe".  Whether that's the Cliff of "Summer Holiday" fame, I don't know.


Bill Malley’s Reel

I was asked a while ago to play this.  I think I've already played it under a different name but I'm happy enough to post it with this name and look like I know more tunes than I really do.  I can't remember what the other name I called it was so this is probably the one I'll use in future.


Mulqueeny’s Hornpipe

Here's one I wasn't asked to play.  I wasn't asked not to play it either so as it doesn't seem to be here already I thought I'd give it a go.  I think I was half the age I am now when I last played this tune and if I live to be twice the age I am now I'll either have too few teeth or too much sense to play it again.

There's a touch of a farting in the bath sound about it.  Maybe it's more of a windpipe than a hornpipe.


Johnny Cope (hornpipe)

Here a very long hornpipe which I've been asked to play.  I maybe played it a bit too fast the second time around but as it has so many parts I had to rush to finish it before the shops shut.

(This version is vaguely like the one in Ceol Rince na hÉireann Vol. 3 - No. 208)


The Bantry Lasses (reel)

I had to look this one up in "The Book" when asked tp post it.  I found it in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland, 1001 Gems (No. 469).  I had just previously found "The Book" on the sideboard by the door into the kitchen.  There is some audible dissent in the background but O'Neill was from Bantry so I'd trust this version OK despite the critical opinion which is to the fore in parts of this recording.


The Battering Ram (jig)

I found a 'please play the battering ram' email so here's said man-ewe (not Man U which I believe is a soccer team).

This rendition is more sheepish than extraordinary but most of the notes are there.


The Song of the Chanter (march)

I was asked to record this tune so here it is.

I don't know what key it should be in.  Here's a go at it in D minor and then A minor.  I heard something once about dropping a piano down a coal shaft and getting A flat minor.


The Iron Man (highland / strathspey)

There's a character in The Magic Roundabout called Mr. Rusty.  I fear that my Homme de Fer may have become a Fear Meirgeach himself.


The Jolly Seven (reel)

Here's a Paddy O'Brien reel (I think).

Instead of a jolly seven here I think I have a fairly happy seven and a mildly miffed number 8.  The overall recording quality is a bit dodgy here and the sound of the sean nós shouting infant in the background maybe doesn't help things too much (no infants were harmed in the making of this post).


Cois Abhann na Séad (slow air)

I can't think of any quick tunes at the moment so here's a slow one.  I want to spell this "Cois Abhainn na Seod" but forces I don't understand take me to the spelling I used instead.  This is a song air which comes from Cúil Aodha in Co. Cork.  I probably have it all wrong but I never go to Cork so I should be safe from close quarter retribution at least.  (The title in English is "Beside the River of Gems /  Jewels - I know how to spell that anywaieieieiy).


The Pigeon on the Gate (reel)

I just got an email from a pigeon fancier, or at least someone who wanted me to post this tune.  So here's my pigeon-post, or maybe pigeon on the gatepost.  I'm surprised not to have recorded a pigeon on the gate to date, but better late than never at any rate.


The Small Hills of Offaly (reel)

Here's a reel which I think Paddy O'Brien (from Smallhillsville) composed. The hills may be small but they seemed to take an age to upload onto this site.  They must be the wrong shape for internet pipes.  I know little of hills and tend not to go anywhere more topographically elevated than upstairs in a not too tall house in a low down town.  I hope the tune's shape hasn't been too distorted, either by its journey to the web, or by its time spent in my mildly mangled music head.


Aggie Whyte’s Reel

I've finally got round to playing another tune.  I stole my wife's flute to play it as I can't remember where I left my own.  The fact that this recording sounds like it was made in a sewer is no reflection on the flute.  The recording wasn't made in a sewer; I'd never bring someone else's instrument into such an environment.  Now I come to think of it, the same flute was once found in a wheelie bin after a burglary.


The Game of Love (reel)

Here's a tune I was asked to play.  Some people associate this time of year with Yule logs.  I appear just to have a backlog but this will hopefully have removed at least a sawtooth's fill from it.

One reason I'm so slow about posting tunes these days is that I can't remember the names of any more of them.  I got this one by asking  Mr.Google about the name I was given.  He seems to call it 'The Girls of Farranfore'.


Father Tom’s Wager (jig)

Here's a jig about a betting Priest, or a Priestly bet.  I don't know how he fared in the gamble but the jig flutters on to this day.

There are a few versions of this knocking about.  This is more or less like the one in O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland.


A Fig For a Kiss (slip jig)

Here's a slip jig which I was asked to post here.  It's been so long since I posted anything that the requestor has probably forgotten requesting it.

I don't know whether you need a special type of fig for a kiss; "can I have a fig please; one of those ones you use for ... ?" and if so is it the same sort which helps with the digestive processes.  Maybe just typing this little 'f' word will ease the blockage in my tune posting pipeline.

I must go now and post some Santa cards.


The Little Stack of Wheat (hornpipe)

Here's a tune I've been asked to play.  I think there are various cereal crops piled up in hornpipe names.  In these straitened times maybe a little stack is the most appropriate choice for the days that are in it ... innit'?


The Mist on the Mountain (jig)

I've been asked to play this one so here it is.  There's a tune call "snow on the hills" a few posts down.  This one is continuing the theme but maybe has more to do with Kagools than with skis.


Tory Island (reel)

Here's a reel which is also called "Murphy's Hound".  I'm not sure how it got these two names or what the connection may be between them.  Something to do with the Isle of Dogs maybe, though as one island is in the Thames and the other in the Atlantic, I may well be barking up the wrong tree entirely.


Anything for John-Joe? (reel)

The question mark is part of the title, not an indication of doubt about what the title is.  Having said (or typed) that, I'm not sure whether said question mark should be in the title.  Maybe I should have typed (or written) 'Anything for John-Joe??'.  I'm not too sure about the hyphen either.

Hopefully the tune is more straightforward???


Snow on the Hills (reel)

The recent weather which, according to the radio person, is the worst and snowiest since the last time we were told it was the worst since bad weather started to be bad and to be recorded as such, has reminded me that I was asked to post this tune.

I didn't know it so here's just a rough guess as to what the dots at ( say it goes like.


The Eavesdropper (jig)

Here's a tune I overheard someone asking for.

I've a couple more to do too and I'll get around to them as soon as I find where I tied the knot in my hankerchief.


Dinny O’Brien’s Reel

I dinny play this before 'cause I dinny know it right.  Chance I still donny but here's a try.

(See CRÉ 3 uimh.145 for more reliable version.)


The Hawthorn (slip jig)

Here's a wee tune I stole out of Ceol Rince na hÉireann 3 (uimhir 57).

I know it's meant to be bad luck stealing or interfering with thorn bushes in the wild.  Hopefully na daoine beaga don't take such a dim view of thorn thefts from tomes.


The Mathematician (hornpipe)

1 + 1 = ?????

Never could add up (or hit a high 'A' - worried about hiatus and all that stuff).


Top it Off (slip jig)

Here's a slip jig.  It's maybe more of a slip shod in this incarnation.   It's a good tune for anyone with a memory and a set of pipes.  I have neither but tried to make do all the same.


The Four Courts (reel)

I was asked to play this one so long ago that I nearly forgot but here it is; caught just in time.

I used to think the title of this tune has something to do with petrol stations.  I then learned a bit (a very little bit) about spelling.  Any quasi-judicial activitles that used to occur round here tended to be located at the back of petrol stations rather than in front of them in any case.


Laddy Redican’s (reel)

I think this is also called the "Forget-me-not".  Any notion of a sieve-for brains like playing a tune with a name like that doesn't seem right somehow so I'll just keep calling it Redican's.


The Moneymusk (highland)

There are lots of versions of this highland.  This is in danger of sounding like none of them but it is an attempt to at least resemble a version I heard on a recording of the fiddle player Jimmy Lyons from Teelin, Co. Donegal.  It's far less fiddly on the fiddle than the flute.  If playing it in A is too annoying, just drop it down to G.  The flute seems to like it there but as someone went to the trouble of making a G# key for my flute, I thought I should go to the trouble of pressing it the odd time.


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