Knocknagow (jig)

Here's a tune I was asked a while ago to play. I've always been a bit allergic to this tune - I'm not sure why - I think something bad like the house falling down happened the last time I played it and that left a bit of an impression which didn't please me too much. It's a good tune all the same. I think it's really 2 jigs joined together. I'm away to stand outside for a while in case this house isn't up to the Knocknagow test.

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  • kittyok

    Hey, how did you know? A new fiddle player brought this to our session a few months ago, and I’ve been poking away at it since, but with only Tommy Peoples as my guide. And NOW I find it here. ;-) No, seriously — Thanks, Psychic Pal! Hope all’s well with you and the clan. xo, c

    Jul 28, 2011 at 12:20 pm