The Lads of Laois (reel)

I'm a bit behind on recording tunes at the moment.  I'm even behind with being behind with things.  I think that's what's behind the delays.

Anyway.  I was asked for "The Lads of Laois", so here it is / they are, unleashed.  I think I was asked for a nice version.  I never really had a nice version so I had to record a nasty one.

I listened back to the start of this recording through my computer's speakers and it sounded as if the tune was being played underwater on a trombone but maybe once it has been hung out on the web for a while it'll dry out a bit.  I'll record the other tunes on my list once I find the list.

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  • nathan connolly

    I have to say i really enjoy this tune and others aswell ive been playing the flute for 5 years now. and would like to learn a great deal of other tunes to expand my choices. If its not too much to ask would u be able to send me the notes or a website that has the notes for that tune?? thanks… nathan

    Apr 2, 2010 at 9:10 am