The Lazy Dog Highland


This one used to be played by Con Cassidy. I should maybe let lazy dogs lie and not try to rush them. The tune bit me in a few places on this occasion for not following that advice but time constraints and all that these days ...

(25/08/08 - apologies - this isn't the Lazy Dog Highland - Marin is right.  When I get time I will get this sorted out.  The dog looks sort of comfortable here though).

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  • marin

    michael, james byrne on his cd, the road to glenlough recorded this tune as jimmy lyon’s highland ( second one in the set of two). in inner notes was said: these highlands are associated with jimmy lyons a fine fiddle player from teelin who died in england in 1977… anyway, great highland, one of my favourite……. marin

    Aug 23, 2008 at 1:51 pm