The Lazy Dog Highland


This one used to be played by Con Cassidy. I should maybe let lazy dogs lie and not try to rush them. The tune bit me in a few places on this occasion for not following that advice but time constraints and all that these days ...

(25/08/08 - apologies - this isn't the Lazy Dog Highland - Marin is right.  When I get time I will get this sorted out.  The dog looks sort of comfortable here though).


Willie Coleman’s Jig

I was asked to play this a while ago but haven't had much of a chance to play anything lately.

The request referred to the "lovely flowing style" of a certain well known flute player.  I'm afraid I can only do stumbling but the tune can still hopefully be learned from here.


The Sunset (hornpipe-ish)

Here's a tune from a list of ones I was asked to play.

I learned it years ago as the "Flying Rockets" / "Robert Emmett's Flying Spaceship".

As is the case with sunsets (I think they require the sun to be in the sky at the start of the setting process), I haven't heared tell of this tune for a long time.  I hope I've remembered most of the notes.


Connolly’s Barndance

I think I have another version of this tune posted here.  In a moment of inspiration I called it "Barndance".  That moment of inspiration occurred at 2 o'clock on a Sunday morning after many, many hours in a pub.

Hopefully this version is slightly less "inspired" (though it's still a bit shabby in parts).


The Star of Munster (reel)

Here's one I forgot about.  Maybe I forgot too much about.


O’Mahony’s Jig

I'm sure nobody was wondering what it sounds like when a person plays a jig they don't know while looking out at a pissing wet August afternoon.  Just on the off chance that anyone was ...