The Rakes of Clonmel

Here's a tune I was asked to play.  I'm sorry it took me so long getting round to it.  There are a few other tune requests that I'm currently in the process of taking even longer over.

I played a three part version at the end of this recording.  I've heard three parts from a few people, one being Paddy Canny.  My problem regerding part 3 may be that in fact Paddy can whereas I canny play it but I thought I'd try anyway.

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  • Sandy

    Your music is beautiful and so tranquil. I am so glad your site is available.

    I am in search of an Irish tune of: Galloping O’Hogan. Have you heard of this song? I am researching my Hogan family line and would so like to hear this tune. My Great Grandmother was Ida Belle Hogan. I am beginning to think that the tune doesn’t exist. Thank you for any help or sheet music leads you can send my way.

    Most Sincerely, Sandy Tuzinski 2008 Dixon Drive Bloomington, Minnesota 55431

    Apr 12, 2008 at 9:02 pm