The Reel of Sparks (Ríl na Drithleog)

I know that I heard this tune from the Donegal fiddle player James Byrne but I don't know for sure whether this is it's name. He does play one of this name so there's a chance I'm right. As for whether I remembered how it goes; who knows? I think it sort of goes like this. There's a record of James Byrne's playing which has this tune on it but I have it as an LP and my machine to making LPs sing has lost its voice and so I can't check.

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  • Kerryguy (Tom)

    Just a note to say that you have a wonderful site! Please keep up the great work of sharing with others your love of traditional Irish flute music! In case you are interested I have a number of links on my site dedicated to traditional Irish music as well as to Irish culture in general. You might find them helpful. Anyway just wanted to say “well done”! I’ll be telling some other folks to be sure to check out your site! Slainte!

    Sep 2, 2007 at 2:56 pm