It Goes as Follies

I've just found my poor, neglected George Rudall flute in the cupboard under the stairs. The thing is around three million years old (early 1820s - is that just 2 million then?) and Sam Murray rescued it a bit more recently than the 1820s.

It's not firing on all cylinders due to my neglect but I thought this reel would be a fairly gentle device for coaxing it back into some sort of life.

I heard this tune on Michael Tubridy's excellent "Eagle's Whistle" LP.


Miss Lyon’s Fancy

This title sounds more like some sort of cherry-topped cup cake but the tune itself sounds like a reel. It's another tune from a many years ago maestro. In this case, the fiddle player James Morrison.


Ballinasloe Fair

A lot of horses (and a very good Londis supermarket as far as I recall).  This reel was made famous by Michael Coleman who recorded it many years ago.  That could really have gone without saying as he died many years ago.  I heard people saying they knew a tune so well that they could play in in their sleep but never ...


Martin Ansboro’s Reel

Here's a tune which I'm glad to be able to put on here.  I glad to and an on here at all.  The site www.went away for a while but the hosting people kindly got it back for me.

This tune was previously recorded by a flute player called Matt Molloy.  I'm sure some people may have heard of him.


The Dances at Kinvara

Here's another Reavy tune - a barndance this time.  I'm a bit rusty at it but you should get the idea.


The Swans Among the Rushes

Here's a jig from Mr. Reavy. I'm told it can break a person's arm with one of its wings,


The Whistler of Roslea

Here's a reel composed by Edward V. Reavy.  I fear it may be somewhat decomposed here by Michael J. C.  Reavy's tunes are usually robust enough to survive even my minor brutalities.  Hopefully this version is learnable.


The Union Reel

Here's a good tune (197 in Ceol Rince na hÉireann 3 is almost the same as this version). I played the bits twice in the slower version. I think once is more normal - the unity of one and all that.

There's a bit of the bass of a Richard Thompson CD coming through the ceiling too - hopefully not enough to get me into bother for copyright infringement.

I was feeling guilty for neglectful cruelty to a website. Hence the three tunes in the one day.

I'm away out now to play some in a pub.


Johnny Cronin’s Reel

Here's a reel named after the Kerry fiddle player Denis Murphy - sorry Johnny Cronin.

I'm not sure whether to play the parts single or double.  I never thought counting up to 1 would be such a challenge.


Ríl Gan Ainm (Miss Langford’s)

Here's a reel in A minor. It often appears in G minor but my fingers aren't feeling too Geed up just yet. It's a nice one for the flute in this key too.


The Queen of the Fairies

Here's an ornate sort of hornpipe from Paddy Taylor's playing.


The Peacock’s Feather


Here's a hornpipe which I think De Dannan did.


The Irish Washerwoman


This poor jig is much maligned.  To add insult to injury I've put it in the 1100 rpm spin cycle towards the end. I think it recovered eventually.


The Merry Days of Easter

Here's a slightly out of season reel.


Jenny’s Wedding

I great piping reel. Sure, the flute's only a wooden pipe anyway.


When Sick is it Tea You Want?

It probably is ... G & T

(I'm sorry if I've played this already, although I don't think I have)


The Chattering Magpie


Here's a fairly melodic reel.  I can never make out what they're chattering about.


The Moving Bog

It can be a bit inconvenient when they do that.


Walsh’s Hornpipe

Here's a nice hornpipe from the South West.


Nine Pint Coggie

I heard this reel from the fiddle playing of John Doherty.  He played it in "G".  I've tried it in "G" and then "A".  I'm told a nine pint coggie is a vessel which holds nine pints of beer.  I know a few two-legged coggies (although the number of legs  diminishes as the pint count increases).


Fasten The Leg in Her

I've never investigated what this name is about.  It's probably just "Fasten the Legging" but even that's quite far from the first think I'd look up in a phrasebook prior to going on holiday.


The Durrow Reel

A nice simple reel.


Cronin’s Hornpipe

Here's a Sliabh Luachra thing, I think.


The Rakes of Kildare

A gardening Jig


The Pride of The Bronx

Here's a good reel for the flute.


Shandon Bells

A ringing jig.


Haste to the Wedding

Don't be late.


Donal a’ Clumper’s Reel

Here's a Denis Murphy tune with a great name.


Saddle The Pony

pony.jpg Here's a good standard jig.  It seems to get  a bit neglected these days.


The Salamanca Reel

salamander.jpg I've always wanted this to be the salamander reel. The picture is of a salamander from the Spanish Armada. Maybe it came from Salamanca. It was very kind of the Ulster Museum to lend it to me.


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