It Goes as Follies

I've just found my poor, neglected George Rudall flute in the cupboard under the stairs. The thing is around three million years old (early 1820s - is that just 2 million then?) and Sam Murray rescued it a bit more recently than the 1820s.

It's not firing on all cylinders due to my neglect but I thought this reel would be a fairly gentle device for coaxing it back into some sort of life.

I heard this tune on Michael Tubridy's excellent "Eagle's Whistle" LP.


Miss Lyon’s Fancy

This title sounds more like some sort of cherry-topped cup cake but the tune itself sounds like a reel. It's another tune from a many years ago maestro. In this case, the fiddle player James Morrison.


Ballinasloe Fair

A lot of horses (and a very good Londis supermarket as far as I recall).  This reel was made famous by Michael Coleman who recorded it many years ago.  That could really have gone without saying as he died many years ago.  I heard people saying they knew a tune so well that they could play in in their sleep but never ...


Martin Ansboro’s Reel

Here's a tune which I'm glad to be able to put on here.  I glad to and an on here at all.  The site www.went away for a while but the hosting people kindly got it back for me.

This tune was previously recorded by a flute player called Matt Molloy.  I'm sure some people may have heard of him.