Gan Ainm (Molloy’s Favourite?)

Here's a popular tune.  It might be called "Molloy's Favourite" but I know at least one other reel with that name but a different set of notes.  It's probably really got the same set of notes but in a different scatter pattern.

I'm probably sounding as if I'm playing the flute with a mouthful of spiders (both in mine and the flute's mouth).  I hope the tune is discernible amongst all the effey hisses.  Is that in Turkey?

Maybe someone can come up with a reliable name.

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  • Alex

    I just come back from a french workshop. I worked a few tunes with Damien Stenson the flute player of teada and I wish you could record some of them:) So we played Martin Wyne’s number 1, number 2, number 3. We also played Mary of the grove. Thx michael Sincerely, Alex

    May 27, 2007 at 9:06 pm