The Pikeman’s March

pikeman.jpg Here's a march popular with flute players where I come from. I'm not sure where it came from originally.

I think the "pike" in question is the weapon variety and not the ingredient Olympic divers include to get more points per plunge. Are the extra points as compensation for any potential lacerations they might sustain if the pike bites them? Maybe the chlorine in the pool sedates it and stops this from being a risk anyway.

I played it a second time on a piccolo (or pikeolo) but got very self-conscious as people playing little flutes haven't always got on too well with my neighbours. Anyway, I think the tune suits the tiny treatment.

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  • Kevin

    cen chaoi bhfuil a Mhichil? Hope the recording went well,Sam was telling me that it was very good.Myself and Sam started a session in neachtains on a sunday,good banter.Do you have many more of these marches,I wouldn’t mind learning a few.I picked up 2 Bb marching flutes and a D 6keyed piccolo recently for a fiver.Anything strange or wonderful with yourself? Beir bua KF

    Oct 26, 2008 at 1:25 pm