Here's a good reel for the flute. Playing it without playing "The Longford Collector" and "The Sailor's Bonnet" is a bit like putting a fruit pastille in your mouth without chewing it, so I've recorded the other 2 reels as well. (Hope the fruit pastille reference isn't too parochial).

This tune, plus the next two, were immortalised (were they ever alive in the first place?) by a recording of Michael Coleman. I'd recommend finding a copy of that for a good version. My versions are based on a combination of laziness and amnesia; never an ideal combination, but I've yet to be actually kicked out of a session because of them. They'll probably suffice until you can get hold of other ones.

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  • keith frain

    lovely tune i cant see the combination of your two chosen illness when you play it i think it sounds very good!!! the sailors bonnet, did you put it with it there or can i find it on your website? you kinda didn’t chew the pastille when you played it all alone but it sounded excellent thanks for the oppertunity to learn as much tunes as you have on this website i’d say the track list on your CD would be pretty long if you played all these tunes!!!!!!

    regards keith

    May 3, 2011 at 4:42 pm