The Killarney Boys of Pleasure

I've played this reel in A minor.  It's often played in E minor as well but A comes before E in the alphabet and E doesn't necessarily stand for "easier" at the moment.

You'll here fiddle players playing this in A minor an octave lower in Donegal (if you're in Donegal listening to a fiddle session, that is).  Some of them call it the "Gweebarra Reel".


Tiocfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom

Here's a jig called by the name above.  The title translates into English as "You'll Come Home With Me".

I hope the tune is of some use to somebody, somewhere, sometime, somehow, somewhat, some chance.


The Cameronian Reel

Here's a tune about which I know nothing, apart from the name.  Still sounding like there's cotton wool either in my mouth ot the flute but hopefully you can still pick up the tune OK.  I've never played the flute immediately after coming out of the dentist's surgery but I'd imagine it would sound something like this.


Morrison’s Jig

Here's a very popular tune.  It's always a good standard one to learn but doesn't get recorded all that often.  It's worth digging out a recording of James Morrison playing it to show that it really does have a life.

I've played it slow at first and then quickened up a little.

There's nothing wrong with common tunes.  There probably only so common because people like them.


Tom Ward’s Downfall

I don't know about Tom Ward's problems but I do know that I'm having bother of my own with flutes.  I promise to stop complaining about them 'though.  My flute is getting fixed early next week.

This is a good fiddle / flute reel which you can hopefully decipher through the puffs and out of tune bits.  Sure it's the message that counts, not the messenger.